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cheap proscar We are owners and breeders of Roborovski hamsters based in Southampton, Hampshire. Hamsters make the best pets, they come in all shapes and sizes and make great companions.  We are big hamster fans and aim to pass on our knowledge and experience of hamster  ownership. Including how to make your very own homemade bin cages, toys, platforms  and little hamster huts!

dating coaches for women over 50 in missouri All of our hamsters are kept within our home and are spoiled by both myself and my partner.

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I have been an animal lover all of my life and have owned many rodents along the way. My home sometimes feels like a petting zoo, currently we have:

  • two dogs, Penny (yorkshire terrier) and Sheldon (shih tzu),
  • a DLH cat called Bane
  • Popcorn the bunny rabbit
  • a Dominant spot chinese hamster called Mushu
  • a long haired male syrian called Baloo
  • along with six roborovski hamsters

The robo hamsters are first and foremost pets, but they also make up my breeding stock.


For information regarding current or future litters please click here.

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