Alternative treats for your Hamster

There are lots of alternative treats for your hamster. Have you thought about giving your hamster dog treats? Dog treats make fantastic treats for your hamster. They keep teeth short and it is a great way to add other nutrients into your hamsters diet, such as calcium. A simple puppy milk bone is a very cost effective way of encouraging your hamster to keep their teeth trimmed with out all of the added sugar from a hamster specific chew.

Here are some other treats that are safe to give your hamster.

    • Pedigree Milk Bones
    • Pedigree DentaRask
    • Pedigree DentaStix
    • Pedigree Markies
    • Pedigree Biscrok
    • Bonio Original
    • Bonio Puppy Milk Biscuits
    • Burns Dog Treats (Kelties)
    • Bakers Allsorts

Alternative treats for your HamsterMy hamsters also love Whimzee chews for dogs. They are a dog treat made from vegetables. They are widely available both online and in pet stores, such as Pets At Home and even The Range. These are perfect for keeping your little hamsters teeth nice and short and hamsters love them. I always make sure that I have one in each on my hamsters cages at all times. I buy the extra small toothbrushes from ebay. They are about £2.99 for 12. I think this is well worth the money.

Another thing you can give your hamster is cat food biscuits. These contain lots of protein, but dont feed excessive amounts as they can upset your hamsters tummy.

Hamsters also love cereal. Just make sure that is sugar free, but a special K flake or something similar will make your hamster very happy.

Always introduce new foods into your hamsters diet very slowly, and they should not be given more than 2-3 times a week.

Be creative, there are lots of foods that can be given safely to your hamster. It is a great way to add variety to your hamsters diet. But if you are unsure if it is safe then please double check.

It is always worth bearing in mind that these should only be given in moderation. A good quality hamster mix should make up the majority of the diet.


Feature Photo credit: germanny / Foter / CC BY-SA