Current Litters

We are a small hamstery based just outside of Southampton, Hampshire. We breed Roborovski hamsters, and have several litters available throughout the year.


We are currently expecting two litters, pups to be born before Christmas. One of the mothers is an Agouti and the other is a gorgeous husky. I will update with more details when the pups are born.


Below are pictures of pups from previous litters.




IMG_0030 IMG_0027 IMG_0026 IMG_0025

All pups have been lovingly raised in our family home.

All pups will leave with a hamster pack which includes a tub of change over food, Roborovski Hamster Care Sheet, a hamster hut/house, wooden chew, Whimzee treat/chew, milk bone, and a couple of treats to get you started with your new hamster.IMG_1141


The hamsters pups are usually sold quickly however if you would like to reserve the pups or for more information about these hamster pups then please contact me.

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