Make a Hamster Cage- Tutorial

Here is our tutorial of how to make a hamster cage, also called a bin cage. These can be an excellent alternative to the cages that are on the market. They often offer more space for your money and they can be adapted in so many ways to suit your hamster.

The cage in this tutorial is going to be used for our two robos.

Firstly you need to go shopping for all of the supplies you are going to need.

Shopping List:

  • Plastic storage box
  • Wire mesh (chicken wire)
  • Utility knife (we used disposable ones as these tend to be cheaper and are perfect for this)
  • Sandpaper .
  • Duct tape
  • Cable ties
  • Lighter
  • Wire cutters


Step 1- Selecting your storage box

Make a hamster cage.



Choose your storage box, for our pair of robos we used a 45lt box. I wouldn’t really recommend anything smaller than this as hamsters are very active, but Syrian hamsters would benefit from some extra height so that you could add platforms  and lots of toys.

Step 2- cutting panels for ventilation

Make a hamster cage.Make a hamster cage.

Make a hamster cage.

Use the lighter to heat up the knife and then use the heated blade to cut through the plastic. By heating up the knife it makes it much easier to cut through the plastic and reduces the risk of splitting.

Keep heating the knife and making small cuts until the planel/panels are completed. We have chosen to put the ventilation panels on the lid as this still allows for a deep layer of substrate for our robos, however you can use the same method to create panels in the sides of the storage box. Don’t throw away the plastic pieces you have cut out, these can be used to make platforms, check out the step by step guide here.

Use sandpaper to smooth all of the edges so that it is safe for your hamster.

You can also cut one large panel in the top, however we have a cat (Bane) and although the cages are lifted up and mostly out of Banes way, well cats are persistent and we wanted to keep a centre piece in the top to make sure that if the cats jumps on the top of the cage it was going to be strong enough to hold his weight (and we can 100% say that it is tried and tested Bane proof!)

Step 3- Measuring the wire mesh

IMG_0601 - Make a hamster cage.

Measure and mark the correct size piece of wire mesh to fit the spaces that you just cut. Make sure you overlap the wire mesh slightly to allow for the cable ties to secure to the storage box.

Using wire cutters cut the wire mesh to the desired size. Smooth over any rough edges to make it safe.

Step 4- Cutting holes for cable ties

IMG_0615 - Make a hamster cage.IMG_0638 - Make a hamster cage.

IMG_0640 - Make a hamster cage.


Using the heated knife, make little slits into the storage box around the edges of the panel. Gently wiggle the knife in the slit to widen it slightly (this is to make the cable ties fit easier). You want one slit just outside where the wire sits and one inside. Continue this all the way around the panel/panels, making sure there are enough holes that the wire mesh will be really secure (I think that more is always better than less with this step, you don’t want your little hammy to escape, if in doubt always add one more).

Step 5- Adding cable ties

IMG_0644 - Make a hamster cage.IMG_0645 - Make a hamster cage.IMG_0646 - Make a hamster cage.

Use the cable tie to secure the wire to the storage box. Making sure that they are pulled tight and then cut away the excess to leave as small as possible. Repeat this all of the way around the panel/panels until fully secure.

IMG_0647 - Make a hamster cage.

Smooth any rough edges of the cable ties with sand paper.

Step 6- Add duct tape

IMG_0660 - Make a hamster cage.IMG_0661 - Make a hamster cage.IMG_0662 - Make a hamster cage.

Use duct tape along the outside of the panel to make it look more tidy. You can get fantastic colours and patterned tape on the internet to really let you personalise your hamsters cage. You can also change the tape to spruce up the cage or even to colour coordinate with your room.

IMG_0666 - Make a hamster cage.

Yes Bane we are putting hamsters in here, but not just yet!!

Step 7- Add water bottle Make a hamster cage.

IMG_0668 - Make a hamster cage.IMG_0671 - Make a hamster cage.







I find that the easiest way to add the water bottle is to use stick on Velcro. This can be ordered very cheaply on the internet. You can also buy water bottle cages that hook to the outside of the cage. You can use whichever you find easiest. I just find that the Velcro is cheapest for me.

Step 8- Add toys


IMG_0680 - Make a hamster cage.

Set up the cage with the substrate and toys for your hamster, and your bin cage is complete!

IMG_0699 - Make a hamster cage.

Anna and Elsa seem to enjoy their home!! Happy hamsters!

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