Make a Hamster Platform- Tutorial

Platforms are a fantastic way of increasing the floor space for you hamster. I will show you how to make a hamster platform. I will put a couple of step by step guides here to get you started.


Tutorial 1-How to make a hamster platform

This is the platform I have in both of my robo cages, the main base for this platform is the plastic panel that was initially cut from the bin cage (click here if you want to revisit the bin cage tutorial).


Shopping List:

  • Piece of plastic (or wood) for the base
  • Lollypop (popsicle) sticks
  • Non toxic glue
  • Thick wooden dowel
  • Sandpaper


Step 1


Take the panel that was cut from the bin cage and using sandpaper smooth the edges. This will become the base for the hamster platform (you can also use a piece of wood for the base if you prefer).

Step 2








You now need to stick the lollypop sticks to the base using glue. Once the base is covered, allow to dry. You can buy lollypop sticks very cheap on the internet, they will also be available in crafting shops.


Step 3

The next few steps are going to show you how to build a fixed sand bath on the platform, if you do not wish to add a sand bath to your hamster platform then go to step 7.


Once the base has dried take four lollypop sticks, cut both rounded ends on two of the sticks. Position the four sticks on the base and glue in place.


Step 4


Now you need to build the sides of the sand bath. Using three sticks apply glue to connect them, to add some structure add one more stick diagonally across the other sticks. You need to make 2 of these.


Step 5


Next you need to glue the two side pieces from the previous step to the hamster platform. You will need to hold the pieces in place for a few minutes until the glue starts to dry.


Step 6

You now need to make the back of the sand bath. Now you have the two sides in place you can measure the length of the lollypop sticks that you need to use. This side is made in exactly the same way as the previous sides (just slightly smaller to fit in the gap between the existing sides).


This piece once dried can be glued in place, don’t forget the add glue up the sides and not just the bottom. This will bind to the existing sides and help to keep it sturdy.

The front of the box is made in the same way however I have only made it two sticks high to make access easier for my hamsters.

I also add a think layer of the non toxic glue to the bottom of the sand bath. The glue will help to make it a little more water resistant, because everyone knows that hamsters love to use their sand baths as a toilet.

Also optional is the addition of sticks around the edge of the entire platform. I have added them three sticks high, this is to give me a ledge so that I can hook the ladder onto the platform. For details of how to make the ladder that I use keep reading, the instructions are below.


Step 7



To add legs to the platform I have use thick dowel. Measure and cut the legs to the desired length. Simply add the legs using the non toxic glue, or for an extra strong hold use a hot glue gun for this step.


Step 8


For some extra protection from damage due to the toilet use, I have chosen to line the sand bath with some grease proof paper. This also makes it easier to clean more regularly.


Your home made hamster platform with fixed sand bath is now complete. Just fill with sand and let your hamsters enjoy!






Tutorial 2- How to make a hamster platform

This tutorial is for a more simple platform, it is made completely from lollypop sticks (with the exception of the wooden dowel for the legs).


Shopping List:

  • Lollypop (popsicle)  sticks
  • Non toxic glue
  • Wooden dowel (for the legs)


Step 1


Line up twelve lollypop sticks on a flat surface. Carefully glue twelve more stick on top, but alternate the direction of the top sticks. This is going to be the base on the platform. If you want a small platform then you would only need to add legs at this stage. However if you want a larger platform then repeat this step so that you have two of these squares.


Step 2


Connect the two squares together by adding further sticks, I have also added further sticks running in the opposite direction, this is just to give the platform more strength.



Step 3


Cut the wooden dowel into the desired length and glue to the corners of the platform. You can glue these together using either non toxic PVA glue or you can use a hot glue gun.




Tutorial 3- How to make a ladder

In this tutorial you will see how I make a ladder which hooks over the ledge of the hamster platform you were shown in Tutorial 1. I like to be able to hook the ladder onto the platform to stop it falling when the hamsters are burrowing around their cage.


Shopping List:

  • Lollypop sticks
  • Non toxic glue
  • Scissors


Step 1








Lay two lollypop sticks on a flat surface and space them apart for the desired width of the ladder. Cut lollypop sticks using scissors to the correct length to fit the space between the two sides. Glue these together and leave to dry.


Step 2








For the hook for the ladder I have used lollypop sticks the same width as the ladder, I have connected these with small pieces of sticks across the top. This once dry can then be added to the top of the ladder.


















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