Make Hamster Toys- Cute Polka Dot House

purchase neurontin canada Follow the step by step guide to make this cute polka dot house. IMG_0018[1]  

Shopping List:

  • Lollipop (Popsicle) sticks
  • Non toxic glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Non toxic Paint
  • Sand Paper
  • Craft/Stanley Knife


Step 1


The first step is to make the sides of the cube. This is done the same was as all of the other cube houses, for more detailed instructions of how to measure the length if the lollipop sticks and how to add the door then click here. Secure all 5 sides with non toxic glue, and allow to dry.


Step 2



Glue all of the sides together using non toxic glue. Once dry I
recommend sanding the sides and edges with sand paper. This is get rid of any splinters and sharp pieces and it will also make painting the house a lot easier.



Step 3

Once dried and sanded the house needs painting. Make sure the paint is non toxic, I use Kids Poster Paint for my toys. Paint the whole house white and allow to dry. It might need a couple of coats to make sure the white is nice and bright.


Step 4


Once the house is dry it is time to mark out the polka dots. To do this simply use a compass and pencil. Vary the polka dots in size and keep the pattern of the dots random.


Step 5 – Painting your polka dot house

a finished polka dot house.
A finished polka dot house.
Paint the polka dots that you have marked out in whatever colours you like. I personally like to use blue, green and pink. But any colours work really well with this design.


So simple but yet it looks great when completed!!


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