Make Hamster Toys – Novelty Rubik’s Cube

Follow the simple steps below to make a retro Novelty Rubik’s Cube house. It’s so simple but looks great.


Shopping List:

  • Lollipop (Popsicle sticks)
  • Non toxic glue (either PVA or hot glue gun)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft/Stanley knife
  • Sand paper
  • Non toxic kids poster paint
  • Black marker pen
  • Ruler


Step 1

IMG_1312[1]Mark out the length of lollipop stick that you are going to need. I always do this the same way when making any hut/house with the basic shape as a cube. I simply lay out the number of sticks that I need, and with one lollipop stick cut off one of the rounded ends and lay this stick over the other lollipop sticks and mark with a pencil, as shown above. This will make sure that the height is the same length as the width on each side, making the finished house/hut a cube. Using the lollipop stick that you marked with the pencil, cut to the correct length and use this as a guide for all of the other lollipop sticks. You will need enough lollipop sticks to make 5 sides.


Step 2


For my Rubik’s cube I have decided to make each side 7 lollipop sticks wide. Using the lollipop sticks that you cut in step one, lay out the correct number of sticks and fix together using non toxic glue, as shown above. Make sure the pieces that you are using to secure the lollipop sticks together have a small gap at each end. This will mean that the sides of the cube will fit together nicely when you come to assemble it. Make 5 of these sides.


Step 3



Using a pencil mark out the door on one of the sides. I like to use a diamond shape for my doors, but you can use a square if you would prefer (a square would be easier to cut if you don’t have particularly steady hands). To cut the door out use either a craft knife or a Stanley knife.


Step 4


Glue all of the pieces together using non toxic glue. Once dried I would recommend that you sand all of the surfaces and edges of the cube. This is not only make it safe for your hamster, it will also make the end result much nicer.


Step 5


Using a ruler and pencil mark out the boxes of your novelty rubik’s cube. Each side needs to have a 3×3 grid, so 9 boxes in total per side.


Step 6

Paint the boxes of the Rubik’s cube. Below is the plan for the design I have used.

rubiks plan



Step 7


Once the paint has dried the last step is the draw on the lines separating the coloured boxes. Do this by using a black marker pen and a ruler.


Below is the finished novelty rubik’s cube hut/house. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.


a finished Novelty Rubik's Cube
A finished Novelty Rubik’s Cube

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