Make Novelty Hamster Toys

إشارات ثنائية الخيار If you are looking to make novelty hamster toys for your hamster and wanted to make something a bit different then why not try some of these below. They are great additions to a cage and they add a bit of fun. A lot of the the ideas I have come up with reminded me of toys from my childhood.

فوركس مصر As always if you would like any more information or you would like me to do a tutorial for any of the items in this post then please leave a comment or use the contact me form.


سوق ابوظبي الاسهم I hope you like them!!

طرق لربح مال كثير

Circus Tent
Beach house, complete with 2nd story and life ring

منتدى تداول الفوركس

Lego bricks, these can be made any size or colour
You can even make furniture for your hamsters!
The cupboard has an opening in the bottom to allow the hamsters to climb in
Cute ABC number blocks. These are great for young hamsters and so adorable
make novelty hamster toys
Rubik’s cube. Great to add colour to the cage and a retro vibe
Toy train, you could even add carriages to this to make it more elaborate


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