Hamster Diet

What type of food should I feed my hamster?

Ever wonder what type of food should I feed my hamster? There are so many different types of hamster food on the market, which can make choosing the right one for your hamster difficult. I thought that I would run through what I look for in a hamster food and share with you my mix.


I have tried many different types of hamster food, various brands and pet shop own brands. It took a while to find something that I was happy to feed my hamsters. The mix I currently use feeds all of my hamsters, which at the moment is a Syrian, a Chinese and Roborovskis.

My Hamster Mix:what type of food should I feed my hamster

  • Harry Hamster for the base
  • Budgie tonic/millet seed
  • Porridge oats
  • Dried Mealworms
  • Rice (preferably brown but white rice is ok)
  • Crushed dried pasta

My hamsters love this mix, the only pieces that seem to be left are the extruded pellets. I know that in some areas of the country it can be difficult to come by Harry Hamster, but you can buy this online, and I do personally think it is the best food on the market for all hamster species. However you may have to add to it or take things out to suit your hamsters dietary needs.

If you have a hamster species that is prone to diabetes such as Campbell’s dwarf then I would recommend picking out some of the corn and peas from the Harry Hamster.

Also you might want to pick out some of the peanuts and sunflower seeds if you have a hamster that is overweight. These are high in fat, but if you keep them to one side they make ideal treats for your hamster.


There are a huge selection of hamsters foods on the market. My advice next time you think what type of food should I feed my hamster, would always be to choose the ones with the highest amounts of protein, these are usually the best quality. I would always try to keep away from the pet stores own brand unless your local store is knowledgeable about hamsters. Foods such as Pets at Home hamster muesli are not very nutritious for your hamster.